GBO Law Enforcement

At Get Better Offer we are always conscious about the environment, our role in product lifecycles and carbon footprint. We make sure that you take the credit and own up to being conscious citizens of the earth, wherever you live.

In this effort we have partnered with a technology company which can identify the right owners to their devices. This is necessary in our attempt to identify stolen devices and stopping their sale on our platform.

During to its rising threat to the mobile sale industry, we’d like to have you on board with us by first educating you about your rights and how you may help us prevent incidences of stolen mobile device sale.

What should I do with my device to prevent thieves from selling to you?

The first step that you should do is to register your mobile device with your phone carrier and/or local police with your unique identification such as passport, social security or national identification number. This will help associate your name with your device as the authentic owner.

We also encourage you to use apps that help keep track of your phone electronically and enable you to delete your personal information and data from a remote device in case your mobile device gets stolen.

What do you do when you receive a device from a customer?

The first thing that we do when we receive a mobile device is to inspect it thoroughly. We record the electronic serial number (ESN) and run it through a tool called CheckMEND to check if the device has not been reported lost or stolen by anyone at the local authorities. Once cleared of this check, we physically inspect it for damage, cracked and functionality, and remove any data left by you on the phone, or SIM if any.

How do you detect theft or reported lost devices?

We use a combination of techniques to detect whether a device has been stolen or been reported lost:

  • Use CheckMEND
  • Local Authority or Police
  • Insurance Company
  • Network Carrier

A combined result of the above techniques help us determine whether the device sent to us is stolen or reported lost. In case the results are positive, we immediately report it to the local authority for law enforcement team to take over the case or notify the FBI of the same.

How can I be sure all my data is completely wiped off from the device?

Once we receive a mobile device, we secure the seller’s data of any sort by using the clear all data or factory reset process. If for some reason the personal or sensitive data is still present then we use override the data during fresh installation by erasing or destroying all data in the disk drive.

However, we encourage sellers to make sure they completely wipe out their sensitive information before sending their device to us to ensure your information does not fall into the wrong hands.