When everything else around us can be recycled, why not mobile devices too, right? That’s how Get Better Offer came into existence. Once the idea germinated, we could not help but spread it to you too.

While you don’t need your current mobile device, somebody else might find a better use for it. Why not sell your device and get a better offer? That’s where we come in. We have been in the business of recycling since 2010, and have been recycling electronic products in a safe and secure manner for a long time. With your mobile devices, we buy, and then sell to those who do not have a high budget for mobile devices. That’s not all, if they’re broken or non-functional, we take care to dispose them in a safe location and in a secure manner so they don’t harm the environment, animal or people.

The idea is, we at Get Better Offer wants you to get your chance to dispose of your mobile devices in a safe and secure manner, with the least impact on your carbon footprint. All you have to do is send us details of your mobile device, get an unbeatable offer, accept it and ship it to us. Once we’re satisfied upon inspection we pay you at your accepted price.

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