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  • Find Your Gadget
    Selling an iPhone is a mountain of a task especially when you are looking to get a price worthy of your gadget’s condition. At the same time it’s no surprise each of our customer desires to get cash fast while having no idea how to sell their iPhone. So Get Better Offer comes as a lightning-fast and reliable platform where we operate to sell your iPhones in no time in return for cash or other top devices. Just click on the button, answer the following questions, locate the iPhone you want to sell, and choose its value.
  • Send Your Phone
    Once you are satisfied with our offer, we will email you a USPS shipment label which can be printed and pasted on a secure box. Drop it in your local USPS office. As soon as we receive the phone, our inspectors will carefully examine the worth and condition of your phone. The assessment will also determine if your phone acquires a higher or lower value than initially decided, and send you a new offer accordingly if required.
  • Collect Your Cash
    So here comes your call! If you decide to continue with the new offer we are then good to go. However if you decide to withdraw from the deal, the decision will be made at the discretion of the company. After closing the deal we give our customers a number of options to collect their money including check, PayPal, or an Amazon Gift Card.


  1. Fast and EfficientOur process is as quick as you can think of! The cash in your hands comes from a straight three-stop destination: select your phone, get it boxed, and receive your cash. Our payment options are also simple and easy to use.

  2. Let’s Be HonestYour phone may even have a higher worth than you originally decided, and that honest answer will come from us.

  3. Satisfyingly SecureAs for security, it is our top-most priority to remove all your personal information as soon as your phone reaches us in order to avoid it getting caught in undesirable hands.


Out with the old iPad in with new iPad
Out with the old iPad in with new iPad
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Guide to getting good money for your old phone
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18 - 04 - 2017
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27 - 03 - 2017
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